Venetian Ducat Ducatus Venetus


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The Venetian Ducat (Dogado Venesian in its language or Ducatus Venetus in latin ) was a coin minted for the first time towards 1202 by the Venetian Doge Enrico Dandolo. For its high weight and high purity was called “the bulk” or “matapan“.
In 1284 Giovanni Dandolo start to coin the duchy also using gold, always at the highest title.

The power and wealth of the Republic of Venice was such that later , with the term “ducat” , were minted other coins with the same name , such the papal ducat, the Empire ducat, the Kingdom of Rhodes, of Savoy ducat and minor ticks Italian and foreign made them, and also the “Genovino” of the Republic Genoa and the “Fiorino” of Florence took the name of the ducat.
The Venetian coin was of such goodness that had suffered premium and its value over time grew even more of the value of the simple metal of which were composed .

In practice there was a ducat of account with a nominal value, while the coins minted physical circulating in Venice bought gradually more and more value, over the nominal.
Therefore in 1665 the doge Domenico Contarini, was forced to coin a silver ducat soiled and reduced in weight, which took the name of “ducateo” ( little ducat) , weighing 23.40 g title 826 (the previous title was 32,896 gr 948) in order to re-equate the ducat physical at the same value of the Ducat of account.

Mindful of this force, in a modern world of pieces of paper that are not worth and anymore have not value, like stocks, bonds, debentures, notes, etc., it was coined a new silver Venetian Ducat , weight 7.8 g title 925.
The coins will be produced in large quantities from this year 2016, intended for use current, with at least the minimum value of the metal and the beating. (now around 3.5 Euros / each.).

Otherwise , in the year 2015, was made a most valuable edition with a limited number with a programmed rarity , in order to meet the collectors and investors, and intended for a large increase in value in a next ,not too far, time. The 2015 Silver Venetian Ducat is title 925 and was then further enriched with an addition of copper, in order to make the silver always brilliant and free from oxidation.

These 2015 coins are already bought and sold.
This and a site that offers them . Sell/Buy Venetian Ducat


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